Cant Racey
some where some how

Bio: I am just here to entertain you with the pointless dribble i find myself usually ranting at the homeless population in my town. congratulations you are my version of homeless internet people. Here are some interesting words from someone else about myself: So when you ask me about Kevin, I still think, “You kept me off drugs, Johnson.” It’s such a perfect example of him. In one single, simple sentence, he compliments me with possibly the greatest statement any one student can give a teacher, and at the same time reminds me of my own stupidity. I was a good teacher, not great, just good. I saved one, and like an ignorant idiot, I walked away from the job. That’s Kevin’s ability, his gift. To shine a light on your hubris, to question the conventional, and then to promptly kick you in the balls and remind you to keep your eyes open. -Kurt Hans Johnson

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