When the adventure ends, when the door lords win

I feel like the older I get the faster my friends are dying. They aren’t of course literally dying but in actuality are just going away. Growing up you make this “cliq” or group you imagine will always be by your side,… The truth is theory won’t. No one will. The adventure eventually does end, the world suddenly seems smaller, less magical, like all those doors are closing in on you. Like the door lords won.

I totally get I’m communicating from a bad place considering these past few years I’ve lost my mom and watched friendships self destruct with friends imploding due to idiocy. That doesn’t matter though cause it would and, will happen to everyone, my experience is only unique in how I act now that it has happened.

The worlds moving on without me and, maybe thats not such a bad thing. As I sit here staring OK into the ash laden mutagenic sky watching everything I ever knew transform into something else entirely I notice all the doors slam shut. Its then I notice there is one still open, instead of my mother on thee other side to comfort me there is my wife, instead of friends to waste time with there is my children to batter and entertain me. The others are still there in spirit of course, the door lords never did shut me away from it all they just changed how I could reach it all. They were also fair enough to leave all new doors unlocked for me.

The Adventure Never Ends……not if we don’t let it.

Fuck the door lords.



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