I have been away…

and for that I cannot apologize enough. to those the few who actually look at this I am sorry. I am back now and have plenty to talk about so where to begin. I have a book being released August 5th 2016. Enter shameless plug. https://www.2tigersllc.com/2016/08/01/pre-release-sale/ and, were out. okay. That out of the way I am once again working at the wondrous land of health insurance and I find that when I began working there I never questioned the existence of my soul, I was far more certain it didn’t exist at all. Now I worry am I slowly killing it and, I must know when it became a thing and how I can preserve it. I am in no way saying hey woo religion. I simply notice that working in such an industry is comparable to being someone whose sole mission is to make children eat glass. The job makes me feel awful and genuinely hate myself. Perhaps you check out my book maybe I wont have to work there and in return I will write more and talk to you instead of make children eat glass and explain to mothers why I cannot help them help their kids. Insurance is evil and should be destroyed. I must pay bills and live. The moral quandary I exist within continues.



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