If you think you might wanna know what love is, do you want me to show you?

“I have no need for good souls: an accomplice is what I wanted.”
-Jean-Paul Sartre
In Bria Beyerl an accomplice is what I found. I was looking around at random post within my feed and I could not help but notice, these challenges. These unremarkable ideas meant to somehow validate your relationship; I can assure you of this my friends if what your relationship needs is vitality provided via a social networking campaign, that “challenges” you to post pics of yourself and your significant other than I am afraid that I am here to inform you that the problem may indeed be deeper rooted than you think. I of course in no way intend to ruin anyone’s fun or say your relationships are not exactly what you think they are. Far be it for me to ever conceive of any inkling of what normality and structure were. My advice is based from my own experiences and is most likely as flawed as the next and truthfully only as relevant as one allows it to be; with that said take account of yourselves and each other. Love deep for time is no promised thing, each moment on the clock’s face ticks by perilously, dauntingly, mockingly even; always there to remind us how little prepared we are and how little we appreciate what we have. Ramblings of a madman I’m sure.Image006

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