The Amazing Wage Machine and it’s Not So Amazing Moving Parts

Day jobs. Much like an ineffectual lover or a wishy washy friend who only shows up to celebrate the highs and vanishes during the all too common lows are all to common in our lives. I am not so much against the idea of working for a living as I am against the idea of being told how happy I should be to be able to do so. I am against the notion that the work I provide is generally against my very being ethically speaking. Morally speaking I am already a diluted spring this work only makes it murkier. I work in health insurance. I cannot say names so dare not ask as I might be drawn and quartered were I to slip and reveal too much; or worse yet they may insure me and that could leave me in ruins.

Starting from the beginning, let me say that the very idea that I expected to work to earn monetary compensation that has no real world tangible value greatly perturbs me. Add on the notion that I have to use those wages to purchase medicines to keep myself alive to go to work to earn the money to buy the medicines to keep me alive and, well frankly you’ve gone and right fucked the whole thing even further haven’t you?

Just this very moment as I am typing these words, I was pulled aside to take a call. Now due to HIPPA laws being what they are I of course cannot say too much about anything; except this, Caller A is calling on behalf of Member B. He wishes to pay the monthly premium of Member B but seeing as how there is no one to authorize me to speak about the status of Member B’s policy I in no way can explain why I cannot accept any and all payments for this policy. It makes me out to be a right ass. All of this nonsense while a fellow human may very be dying (forbid) and his loyal family are simply trying to make sure the machines are fed to keep his quality of care in order. Forbid that be easy. I have stated numerous times, I walked into this job certain souls did not exist and, it is my very time at this job that has me concerned for the condition of my very soul.

Health insurance policies benefit no one aside from those that are healthy and those who wish to get paid.The exact amount of care one can receive is pitiful and the list of doctors is laughable. Let me say this about that; doctors swear a Hippocratic oath to do no harm and in the same breath will decline to accept an insurance that a person has. Why you ask? Well because it does not pay them enough…… that again. Make sure you read it right. Really feel the care that goes into your office visits. Think about how much the kindly old man or woman you visit cares about you each month as they prescribe you numerous chemical laden substitute life extending misery ensuring pills. I myself have now followed on Twitter a one Mr. Martin Shkreli, I even went so far as to ask him out to coffee to poke at his mind. I rest easy knowing he wont respond. I dare not wait with bated breath. I would plummet faster than his stock.

I find myself so frustrated with all of this that I lose sight of what I am even talking about. Maybe I should go back on my anti-depressants…..tetsuo_needs_more_pills_by_jasoncopland-d5bhdp5


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