Life, Kids, Poke’mon, Work, Writing and the Heathens.

I am taking this space to discuss a few topics and mostly update on things. Mostly good stuff to talk about, and that is always a refreshing change. Life is not always a terrible display of shit showering over you with nutty hail and corn coated sleet. There is time spent with family, time wasted with imaginary animals capable of genocide within augmented realities and of course time spent in self created realities making worlds either better or worse but always interesting. I have had more time recently to spend with the rest of Teem Never Sleep; mainly my amazing wife Bria (Bria worships Dragons at this location)
and my three heralds Zoe,(Zoe’s world of anime, role playing and the fun) Nikolai and Fiona.

We have had the best of times as of late playing the eternal scam that is Poke’mon Go. We hit Poke’ stops, we brutalize worthless Team Instinct members and make their gyms our own. We chill and play PS4 or we talk shit and make r-tard tastic videos. (Those that TheBoy (Nikolai has many fans here, chill out with them here) and I have made I will present later) I am trying to refrain from being to overbearingly optimistic but the point is you miserable slags is there are many things to be happy about even in this shit storm of hell. My next book is set to be titled “Heathens” and, you can see a small graphic from it on here sitting seductively on the side perhaps. It is set to be pretty crazy. You can still pick up my most recent book We’re Gonna Talk About This on that handy dandy link. Heathens will be a bit different but be within the same universe.



Team Never Sleep


Huxley from Heathens

Work will be the only downer at this party. I was passed up for a promotion and it appears more and more likely that it was an intention slap in the face than one would initially think. So I have never, ever been written up at work. I like to consider myself for the slacker that I am rather well informed and good at what I do. I am always helpful and willing to be a team player even though the job is a soul sucking emotional gang bang at the best of times. Like someone was slowly pushing razor blades down my urethra and, I am intended to be thankful for the opportunity. Fuck that sounds depressing.



Me at work. No worries, everything is fine.

Well regardless about a week ago I applied for a promotion and in that same week got my first write up which really seemed to be about nothing so I gave it little to no thought. So come the following week and our supervisor is racing around doing interviews for the afore mentioned promotion and I suddenly get an e-mail stating how I simply did not qualify and how my write up was a big part of the decision…….Take a few moments let that info sink in. When you feel as angry as I did you may proceed. We can just drop the topic and return to nicer things because fuck them if they think I am gonna let this ruin my some what better weekend.

Everything is a non stop fucking joke it seems and, sometimes the punchline is better than at other times. Most of the time the joke fucking sucks so deal with it. The jokes on you either way. So laugh with us or gtfo.


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