What Is Wrong With Me?

There you have a question. It is not exactly that I think there is something wrong with me, it is simply that I want to know what it is about me that just insist that things go awry. I applied for a position as an art instructor today. Simple enough. I have applied for this position numerous times on-line as it always seemed interesting to me.

Today they responded.

I was a bit elated. Considering recent circumstances and all anyway. I began a back and forth with an Admin Asst. It was nice. I presented samples of my own work which seemed well received. We scheduled an interview after pleasantries and everything.


The job was mis-posted. It is in Stafford, VA. The company has locations where I live, somehow probably because the universe is random and shit just happens. I know this. I know there is no vendetta against me. It sure as fuck feels like it though at the moment. It feels like there is pressure being applied in increments specifically to test under how much duress I will finally crack.

I wont.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

I will not. One more time and I will feel better.

Fuck you with a phallic constructed from thousands of expired elk cocks. Fuck you with it while it spirals and sprays peanut based oils and may you have a deathly fatal peanut allergy.

OK I’m better. I know it’s not something major in the larger scheme of things, it is just another kick in the dick along the way. I’m fine though. I vented here and I thank you for that imaginary friends. Certainty has not got back yet, he said he was going to get smokes maybe pick up my bio dad (this is in no way a jab at my REAL father who passed this is a jab at people who randomly show up and intrude on your life and while you try to be cool about it, they decide to flake on you cause they are flaky over the hill people with better things to do. I am a god damn beacon of emotional and mental stability and you keep smiling and saying so, lest I cut you.) and, some milk. I figure they will be back any minute now.

I have been pretty off the map and volatile as of late and for that I am sorry. I will correct this. Thank you for putting up with me.

Things will improve, as I said before.

I am Kevin, I breathe fire and dream demons.


2 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Me?

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