Formulations of Things That Occur

Hello world.

Hello Imaginary Friends.

I am reporting to you from the white hot room, slightly adjacent to the black bug room but at least two more doors down from the red lounge.

Today three things happened.

A review of my book, We’re Gonna Talk About This was published. It was written up by the very cool people at Serious Reading. You can for reals check it out at this magic location, A review of the words I threw on the floor for you. They also posted an interview with me where I reveal my true identity and gender ; Serious Reading Int. w/ Me . It is all very exciting and serves as proof that if you want something in this existence that the only thing one must do is simply go out and do it. That is not to say it is just that easy. I am not that sort of asshole. I researched, worked, annoyed countless friends for their thoughts and in the end I came out with a book that is the very start of this crazy universe I plan to make for all of you to enjoy.

Like me things in it will never be perfect and that is a huge part of it all.

I started a group on Google+ for those who create, It is meant to be a resource for creators to turn to when in need of support. It is invite and ask for invite only at the moment. I want that to change once I can get a handle on it and know how it will run. You can check it out over at the,  Tabula Rasa Inn I hope things continue to move forward and I hope a lot of you join me.

Things can get far too dark.

Let us light the way for each other.

I am Kevin I breathe fire and dream demons.

Away with you my lovely locust.


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