La da la d da la la da di da da ooooooh

Letters of intent, e-mails of rejection, notices of eviction, templates full of blank communication. Crazy love-talk, whiskey arguments, sweet nothings muttered ad hoc. Directions to signposts pointing back to directions. A sad sign of an editor’s directionless infections. Notes on napkins, smeared love potential, ball point penned, complete with missing periods Tweets, a 144 mosquitos […]

via World Wide Word Debt — Elan Mudrow

So I do not often find myself discussing others work. It is simply not something I do. Elan’s words say so very much though. I am not going to go and write a book on the situation on how I stumbled across whoever this is. Frankly I have no clue. It matters not anyway.

The words they use though bring smiles to me. Even now while I think I might burst from the combination of love and energy. My cup of good intent runneth over…

So I share.

I share and hope Elan’s beautiful craft assist you like it has me on occasion when my mind was to full and hurt from the horrible things I think.

I will be back with perhaps brighter words.

I am Kevin.

I do not know who wrote this send help…


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