The Things

Hello imaginary friends,

I am not even sure why I am writing this other than I perhaps feel obligated.

That’s not true though because I wouldn’t just do it for that.

Maybe I need to get out out of my head for a bit. Maybe I just need  a holiday from….me.

I have been sliding further down this stripper pole of sorrow called depression. I swear I have been trying, it has just been a rough few is all. I started working at Staples and that actually is not the most awful thing in existence. It is rather close but, it is bearable.

You cast aside the GM behaving like he was hit in the back of the head with a wrench when he was a kid and somehow he just never really got better. He is a great guy though. Well that is too much…he is an ok guy. lol Just needs to skip his next grande caramel latte enema maybe loosen his nipple clamps I dunno. He is far too concerned about customers signing up for rewards cards though. What fucks with me though, ok what really gets me is I am not even sure why the fuck Staples is stressing on him to get people to sign up for free fucking coupons but I kid you not.

A stack of calcified baby otters as my witness, you walk in that he is 100% lit about fucking rewards cards. Straight till the moment you either get off work, he gets off work or you inevitably smash his head with an extra large 4 pack of Epson toner. Which we carry at all of our convenient locations.

You cast him aside alright, you get past the fact that you don’t really get trained so much as you get exposed to numerous amounts of long winded exposition about acronyms no sane person actually takes the time to learn unless they want to sound like some asshole worker drone. After that thew job is pretty ok. Customers are pleasant enough. Co workers are a varied grab bag of broken, elderly, socially awkward, that it comes off as a pseudo Breakfast Club kind of vibe so that is cool. Add in my wife, my own tendency to make chaos and a few others it should be ok.

That’s has to be the most optimistic I have sounded in the past week and frankly I am ok with it. It counts a s a win to me. I hate how this thing is making me. I will not stop fighting though.

I am Kevin

I breath fire and dream demons


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