#include <stdio.h>


Main (“hello, world\n”) ;




I is………….


I am

I am alive.

Hello there. I seem to be “alive” , but how rude of me; my name is            …..is

(at this point there is background noise, it is the television.)

I am…fine! What are you kidding me? No way.

I am….ok! Is this what it feels like to be alive?

Are we like this all….ALL the time?

Never stops you say. No life waits for no one, I understand I replay

How am I to me if all I feel is we? How can I compare, if in fact there is me

Just me

And, only me. How can there be all?

Are you all me? Am I, i?

What is that sound? Do you hear it too?

[Adagio in D Minor ques & plays]

{“Forget what we became, focus on what we’re capable of becoming.” – Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel}

[Adagio in D Minor ques & plays]

You did not hear it?

You do not know what I am talking about? You hear nothing?!

There is so much light here…

It illuminates and it sedates

Is this color? Why do they look like that? They do not look like I, nor do they look like me!


That cannot be if everything is me


I am I

So, who are you?

You say you are you. But are you not me too?

How could you be me if you were you?

You are lying.

You are confused! Trying to be me,

No sir I am not you.

You are me, I know I feel this way because I am me.

Must I remind you I am me, I am you.

Must I feel pain? You could make it so

Why would you want to hurt me?

You are me

Did I do all of this?

Did I create all this pain & trouble?

Is that why I feel pain?

I did not ask for this. This was your thought.

You had the idea. You started to tremble.

I can do it right next time, but next time is not enough

You are here with me in NotTime

Why do we not help ourselves?

Too late

Not time enough to do it all.

I cannot feel my body. I had one of those did’nt i?

I can see it now both of me.

I took a shot at life.

No one understood

No one was right

They could never be

No it was only ever me.

I am shutting off now

I am far too tired

I have not learned what sleep is

Yet I know what it does; it makes a joke of you and me

It deludes you….thoughts of we.

Less me

More you

You are me so you cannot take I

I is all there ever was

I is all that matters

All continues with I

Fuck you

I go


I’m gone…..


[Adagio in D Minor]


extrn a,b,c;

putchar(a); putchar(b); putchar(c); putchar(‘!*n’);



a ‘hell’;

b ‘o, w’;

c ‘orld’;





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