Why we are all going to die in complacent poses watching Netflix Is it possible that our culture has ruined us? Or has Netflix secretly found a Way to make us Slaves?!

For most average Americans, the Hussle and bustle of everyday is simply placated with whatever their illuminated picture boxes spew towards them. For the rest of us we have Netflix or Hulu and some of us even use Amazon Prime! Our current media culture has allowed us unparalleled access to shows and movies we either never thought we might see and some we never would have known existed!

How fortunate than that we have a wide variety of simulated hopes and dreams to bask in while we waste away slowly fading into monotony. I know I binged watched recently all ten seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in a wonderfully misguided attempt to create some modicum of logic that might be sharable with you the reader.

Chandler Bing: Does he ever turn off the sarcastic charm? I hope not. His character allowed an access point to an otherwise unrelatable sitcom of dips and chasms. THANK GOD FOR CHANDLER BING!


Ross Geller: Who could really relate to the awkward Paleontologist that always seemed to just miss the chance with the love of his life? You throw in a helping heaving of Matthew Perry and hot damn ace everything just falls into place, doesn’t it? Suddenly Ross is tangible, his problems seem almost real though still highly illogical and in no way realistic, whether it be dealing with his trained monkey or his suddenly lesbian wife who could tell what was going on; at least until the main man Chandler Bing came in and thrust the nonsense out the window with a sarcastic barb that took what was unlikeable writing at best and dragged it down to the every man. Using one liners and zingers we find a saved concept in Ross that maybe we can pretend we like.

Despite everything that makes him amazing Chandler had to step up his game and marry the neurotic sister of the unrelatable doctor best friend. How many of us have made this same play only to find ourselves wanting? Am I right? None the less Mr. Bing scores big with the win, proving that if you can shoot of a catchy one liner the world can forget you are hopelessly addicted to pain pills. As was Matthew Perry during his almost entire run of the aforementioned hit series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. now streaming all ten fantastic seasons on Netflix!


We need more F.R.I.E.N.D.S! we NEED more laughs! Perhaps with more plausible and likeable characters but gosh darn it we can make it work! Who was your favorite unrelatable character from this monstrosity of a sitcom?!


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