To myself if I didn’t die

Hey future me. Some shit isn’t it? What now with hurricane Irma. Everybody is losing their shit. Best workout program ever. Did anything happen to you? Is everyone ok?

This might seem like a foolish thing to do but I assure you, it is not. Who knows what comes next? Nothing you see is promised to any of us. If you did die, what did you leave behind? Three amazing kids and an even more amazing wife. Did she know that you would love her until your last breath? Did you remind her that nothing was unachievable? Reading this you really don’t know much about my wife. She is quite the amazing woman. She should be a poster child for what America could be. I fucking kid you not.

Like all stories of merit you have your lovers. Thrust into spotlight of life far faster than they should have. Reckless and wild, abandon for sure was the name of the game. Insert seemingly endless cycles of addiction and effective growing pains.
We went out on a existential universal road trip, you casuals call this life. That will come off more rude than intended. Sorry. So we began this journey it was something that shouldn’t have. Thing is, it did. Here is hoping you and the family survive the coming storm. I feel pretty good that you will. Once you catch up, tell the rest of that story…


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