Custom Created Concern

If everything you ever knew was wrong, I mean really, everything turned out to be the exact opposite of everything of how you either hoped, dreamed, been taught or cared for it to be would that mean that you were as well? Bear in mind, the entirety of your existence you have defined yourself by […]

An introduction to the end times…

Hello world. I warn you now look away. Today I “voluntarily resigned” at work. I use quotes because obviously I was fired but they presented this as an option to as they said, “save me the humiliation” of being escorted out. I do not even know where to begin with this. At first, when they […]


I was nearly in an automobile accident today. Almost being the important word I suppose. The scenario could have gone numerous and many differing ways. I see them all very clearly now when I close my eyes. Like drive in movies that I have no control over. You see the course went this way. I […]

Life, Kids, Poke’mon, Work, Writing and the Heathens.

I am taking this space to discuss a few topics and mostly update on things. Mostly good stuff to talk about, and that is always a refreshing change. Life is not always a terrible display of shit showering over you with nutty hail and corn coated sleet. There is time spent with family, time wasted […]

The Amazing Wage Machine and it’s Not So Amazing Moving Parts

Day jobs. Much like an ineffectual lover or a wishy washy friend who only shows up to celebrate the highs and vanishes during the all too common lows are all to common in our lives. I am not so much against the idea of working for a living as I am against the idea of […]

News and the words of Outlaws and Vandals, Space Pirates and Emotional Terrorist

I have spent so much time as of late feeling utterly vacant inside. No not vacant, vacant would infer absence. I am far from emotionally absent. The world itself though is exasperating, I find it performs daily like a car battery on cement. If you have read my past postings you are probably aware I […]

If you think you might wanna know what love is, do you want me to show you?

“I have no need for good souls: an accomplice is what I wanted.” -Jean-Paul Sartre In Bria Beyerl an accomplice is what I found. I was looking around at random post within my feed and I could not help but notice, these challenges. These unremarkable ideas meant to somehow validate your relationship; I can assure […]