Formulations of Things That Occur

Hello world. Hello Imaginary Friends. I am reporting to you from the white hot room, slightly adjacent to the black bug room but at least two more doors down from the red lounge. Today three things happened. A review of my book, We’re Gonna Talk About This was published. It was written up by the […]

News and the words of Outlaws and Vandals, Space Pirates and Emotional Terrorist

I have spent so much time as of late feeling utterly vacant inside. No not vacant, vacant would infer absence. I am far from emotionally absent. The world itself though is exasperating, I find it performs daily like a car battery on cement. If you have read my past postings you are probably aware I […]

I have been away…

and for that I cannot apologize enough. to those the few who actually look at this I am sorry. I am back now and have plenty to talk about so where to begin. I have a book being released August 5th 2016. Enter shameless plug. and, were out. okay. That out of the way […]