Hello world. Hello Imaginary Friends. I return to you more whole than when we last visited. I was lost in an ocean of myself. I assure you it was a pretty fucked up place to be. Imagine that 2000 vehicle The Cell directed by Tarsem Singh. You remember it had Jennifer Lopez and, she “believably” […]

Custom Created Concern

If everything you ever knew was wrong, I mean really, everything turned out to be the exact opposite of everything of how you either hoped, dreamed, been taught or cared for it to be would that mean that you were as well? Bear in mind, the entirety of your existence you have defined yourself by […]

If you think you might wanna know what love is, do you want me to show you?

“I have no need for good souls: an accomplice is what I wanted.” -Jean-Paul Sartre In Bria Beyerl an accomplice is what I found. I was looking around at random post within my feed and I could not help but notice, these challenges. These unremarkable ideas meant to somehow validate your relationship; I can assure […]

I am so fucking Happy my anti-depressants are on anti-depressants, or you aint as meta as me bitch!

my celexa got upped to 40 mg a day. the resulting mess you get is an artificially energized mother fucker. it’s a funny idea to catch myself smiling for absolutely no fucking reason. i often find myself worrying that my facebook will suffer somehow. those of you who have grown accustomed to my more macabre […]


To say I’m tired of it all is an understatement. This past week a dear friend of mines nephew committed suicide. I was there when the boy was born, I by way of my friendship with his uncle participated in a larger part of this boys life than I have yet my own children. From […]

It slices, it dices, it will sodomize your soul

I am the bastard son of an already bastardized age. The ghost of Billy Mays hangs the sword of Damocles over my head in this Fort Myer’s BJ’s supercenter. I find myself all at once standing in awe, dumb struck and, left with a feeling I can only compare with what I assume a sex […]