Formulations of Things That Occur

Hello world. Hello Imaginary Friends. I am reporting to you from the white hot room, slightly adjacent to the black bug room but at least two more doors down from the red lounge. Today three things happened. A review of my book, We’re Gonna Talk About This was published. It was written up by the […]

Life, Kids, Poke’mon, Work, Writing and the Heathens.

I am taking this space to discuss a few topics and mostly update on things. Mostly good stuff to talk about, and that is always a refreshing change. Life is not always a terrible display of shit showering over you with nutty hail and corn coated sleet. There is time spent with family, time wasted […]

If you think you might wanna know what love is, do you want me to show you?

“I have no need for good souls: an accomplice is what I wanted.” -Jean-Paul Sartre In Bria Beyerl an accomplice is what I found. I was looking around at random post within my feed and I could not help but notice, these challenges. These unremarkable ideas meant to somehow validate your relationship; I can assure […]